Con News

Hello Escape Winter Attendees,

We will start the con in less than a week, but here are a few notes for you:
The con opens at 10 am on Friday, and ends Sunday night. We will have some snacks on Friday morning, please take only 2 items so everyone can have some.

We will have the Palms Ballroom and Floral ballrooms as our gaming areas. Attached is a map of each room, with how the space is laid out. Please note that areas for events are not for open gaming. Large parts of the Palms ballroom and the entire Floral ballroom are for open gaming.

The Library will be in the Azalea rooms.

Also attached is a map of the resort, and a list of close restaurants.

All the files are here:

Here are a few bullet points:
(1). Bring a hoodie/sweater as the temperature change from outside to inside can be extreme.
(2). Do not bring outside food and drinks into the Convention Space. This includes coolers.
(3). Try not to eat while playing games, no one wants a party foul or sticky game components.
(4). Follow the rule of 6/2/1 – 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower a day. These are minimums, and Stay Hydrated. We all get lost in gaming, but being trashed and hurting yourself is something that can be avoided.
(5). Please treat the library and other peoples games like they are special. We can keep a great community this way.
(6). Treat other people with respect. You don’t have to agree with everyone or play with everyone, but this is our community, let’s all listen to a famous movie quote and, “Be Excellent to each other”.
(7). Have fun. We are here to help, so if you need help ask.

Thank you for your support,
Patrick Havert