This is for everyone who needs information on Escape Winter Con.

Before the con:

You must buy tickets in advance.  We will sell out and there are no day passes or tickets at the door.

Booking your hotel room early is always a good idea as we had hotel sellouts last year.

We will post events that people can sign up for at Tabletop.Events

When you get Badges, if you buy them for other people, they must do the following to sign up for events:

  1. Your friend needs to sign up for a Tabletop.Events account. They must do this.
  2. Once they have an account, click your name at the top of the screen. Then click "Friends" on the right side. Then type their name or email. Click them. They will get an email which they must confirm.
  3. Once you are friends, you will see them in your friends list. You can click "Give" next to their name, and then choose the badge you want them to have.  Now they have their own badge and can sign up for events.

Merchandise will be available at  If you pre-order you save $5 and make sure to get your size.

We will also announce when tables will go one sale for the Flea Market.  You will buy these through the Merchandise page at

We will also have a game scheduler, where you can schedule other games with people on Board Game Geek.

We run a Virtual Flea Market where you can buy and sell games to people ahead of time.

When you get to the con:

Registration will open at 10 am on Wednesday.  There will be breakfast pastries set out to help the wait, but we can usually go through everyone in under an hour.

  • After you check in, you will get a Neck Wallet, your badge, and 2 Door Prize tickets.  Make sure that you put your tickets into the spinning wheel at Board Game HQ in the Palms Ballroom, Hall E.
  • Any games that you have signed up for online will have you on the signup sheet(s) at Board game HQ.  Please feel free to sign up for other non-conflicting events.
  • To Find other people to game with:
    • You can grab a sign that says teacher wanted or players wanted, and put the box lid for the game you want to play on top of the tri-fold.
    • You can Go to the Hot Games area in the Palms Ballroom and see if there are any spots to join a game.
    • You can use the EWCon Discord Channel to see what games are looking for players.
    • You can see what events are going on that you may want to join.
    • We are all looking for more players so please ask people if they want to play.