How to find Gamers at the con

For people worried about finding other gamers, here are some tips for our con:

  1. We will have a meetup on Friday and Saturday around lunch outside the Palms Ballroom near Registration so I can help people find like minded gamers.
  2. We have signs that are posted on tables, that say “Teacher Wanted” or “Players Wanted” so that you can see they are actively looking for people. These will be available in the Palms and Floral Ballrooms. Please feel free to ask people if you can join as that’s what the signs are for. If you can teach a game, setting up a players wanted sign is a great way to get other people to join. Just take the Game Box and put it on top of the Players wanted sign so people can see what game you can teach. If you have the people that you need, please take the signs down.
  3. We have a game signup on BGG, that you can look at or add games and join that way. This can be found here:
  4. We will be running some events that if you are interested can be found here:
  5. We will have an APP that you can use to advertise games or see others. I will post this next week.