Don't Panic!

Your first convention may be overwhelming, but everyone is there for the same reason – to have fun! Keep this in mind as we are all in this together.

Convention-Goer Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t be afraid to ask people standing around if they want to play a game, or if there is room for one more. Most gamers want more people to play with and usually don’t mind teaching a game either.
  • Bring a power strip for the hotel. We all have lots of electronics to plug in and charge, and this ensures yours are at 100%.
  • Bring money to buy games. There will be vendors, a flea market, and merchandise. This also means that you need to be prepared to ship said games or get them home by some means.
  • Stay a few extra days and check out Orlando. Disney World, Universal, Lego Land, Space Coast and Tampa are all within an hours drive, in addition to the rest of what Orlando has to offer as a tourist destination. Make the most of your trip!
  • Bring your favorites. While other people will have games there, and the convention has an incredible Game Library, if you want to make sure you get to play in a tournament or even play a game you love, then bring it. Some people won’t be able to as they are flying in, but if you can you should bring games.
  • Don’t drink alcohol. You can drink in the bar or your room, but please don’t be intoxicated in the gaming area. This is a family con, and this behavior will not be tolerated. You can and will be asked to leave and could be banned from the convention as a result. Don’t risk it!

Health & Hygiene


2 Meals a Day

1 Shower a day

Drink lots of water and eat regularly.

Many people get so lost in the fun, they don’t drink or eat.

Bring a hoodie or sweater. While it will be warm in Orlando, the air conditioning at the hotel could be colder than is comfortable.

Pace yourself. Staying up too late or pushing too hard will lead to a poor experience.


Demos, Events, & Tournaments

Demos teach the game, and you can choose to try and play afterwards.

Events also teach the game if you need to learn, and then you get to play it.

Tournaments feature a game you should know and be prepared to play multiple rounds of until there is one winner. We will award ribbons and sometimes prizes to people that make it to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.


Connect With Other Attendees

Join The Escape Winter Con Facebook group for more discussion or see our Frequently Asked Questions if you have additional questions.


Plan & Purchase Early

Getting hotel rooms, flights and/or travel booked and ready is often one of the most difficult and/or time consuming elements of your trip. Register now for Escape Winter Con, book your hotel room now with the hotel, and plan your flight/drive today!


The Most Important Tip

Relax and have fun!