Here we can discuss a few things:

  1. The Library - We will have a library of games that gamers ages 12+ can check out.  You can have 1 game at a time for 4 hours max.  Don't be the group of people that each check out a game and have it for 20 hours.  Other people paid to use the library as well.  Be courteous to each other, it makes for a better con for everyone.
  2. Schedule of Events - We will have events that people have volunteered to run.  You can signup online at to play in them.
  3. Special Events - There will be certain events that we run, that we highlight.
  4. Daily Raffle(Excludes Sunday) - At 5 PM each night we will have a drawing.  You will get 2 tickets in your neck wallet when you show up, so make sure to put the correct half into the wheel located at Board Game HQ.  You can increase your odds of winning, and help out St Jude Children's Hospital by purchasing more raffle tickets at Registration.
  5. This is my first con - Follow the link on the left for some helpful advice.  One tip we say everywhere is follow the rule of 6/2/1 - Minimum 6 hours of sleep, 2 meals and 1 shower a day.  Drink a lot and stay hydrated.
  6. Con Rules- We need to have rules to keep people safe.  Check them out, and please be aware that hundreds of us are trying to have fun.
  7. Food and Beverages - The Hotel does allow outside food and drink, so be careful with your items and don't ruin other people's games.
  8. Close Restaurants - We are in the heart of I-Drive so here is a list of CloseRestaurants
  9. Resort Map - ResortMap
  10. Palms Ballroom Map - PALMS_EscapeWinterCon