Thank you for a Great Con

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support for the con. The community we as a group have created is awesome, and my whole family feels proud to be part of it.

First I'd like to thank Lori and Molly for working so hard.

Of Course - Patricia Crebase for heading Board Game HQ, and Jae Malloy for heading the library. Allen Enyart for running Special Events and keeping me sane. Mike Gust for being the Game Show Host with the Most.

Here is a list of the great crew who put in extra time, with a smile on their face to give everyone a great con and experience: Adam Ray Lynch, Adam Savoie, Anaisita Freeman, Andrew Beard, April Shoemaker, Audrey Lawton, Barbara G. Willett, Cameron Mengel, Carl Frodge, Charles Case, Daniel Moraseski, Don Riddle, Elizabeth Hess Murray, Gary Cox, Katherine James, Holly Fleshman, James Jarvinen, Janeen Lea Flanigan, Jennifer Campbell, Jessica Mullins, John Campbell, Joseph E McDonough, Katie Ghersi, Ken Cook, Kirke Lawton, Lynne Cook, Mark Crouch, Mark Mistretta, Pam Deimund, Raymond Lee, Robert E Conner, Stephen Boggess, Steven James, Susan Heroy, Tim Stevens, Tom Young, Torrence Gill,.

Thank you to our Event GM's - JP Mitchell for running HogWarts Battles, Kirke Lawton for running KeyForge, Nicholas Fong for teaching his game Rolling Empires and Mike Davis for 2 Rooms and a Boom. The Eat Villagers crew of Brian Mackay, Amber Savoie, Joel Ellison, Jason Greenleaf, Brian Tjarks, and Jesse Mathis for keeping late night lively, and the RPG Team led by Dawn Reed, with GM's Billy Kearsey, Cody Gleason, Brian Laux, Ted Easterly, Alexi Greer, and Greg Ferguson for keeping people in adventures all con long.

Matt Holden for running the UnPub Event and the Publisher Speed Dating Event.

And our Exhibitors, Indie Game Alliance with Matt and Victoria Holden, Alpha Quadrant Games and the Cote family, and Quick Simple Fun Games.

If I missed anyone please let me know as I want everyone to get credit for helping make the con as fun as it was.

Thank you again, I feel truly privileged to be part of this group, and will inform all of you for when next year is planned.