To Plan out your adventure, you need to make a few choices

Am I going just for the Convention?

    • What are the dates of the convention?
    • When will I get there, and when will I leave?
    • Do I have room in my luggage to buy games?
    • do I have tickets?
    • do I have a hotel room?
    • Will I need parking?
    • What's the food situation?
    • How will I get my games home?
    • What games will I bring?

I am going to spend a few extra days in Orlando to have fun:

  1. What do I want to do in Florida while I am here?
    • Disney World
    • Universal Resort
    • Sea World
    • Busch Gardens
    • I-Drive
    • Clearwater Beach
    • Daytona Beach
    • The Space Coast
    • Swamp Tours
    • Helicopter Rides
  2. How will I get to my adventures?
  3. What does it cost to get tickets?